Thursday, February 15, 2007

a day late on nostalgia

Valentines Day also marks my 8th anniversary of receiving my worst-ever speeding ticket (reckless, whoooo -hooooo!) about 200 feet south of Hill High Orchard. I was driving ridiculously fast in my poo-brown 1982 Volvo 240 (RIP, little man), and had a carload full of laundry blocking the rear window. The cop was not very nice. It's pretty kind of great that Valentines Day does not result in a whole lot more for moi than conjured of memories of traffic violations.

But anyways.

Also, tonight I am going home and maybe scan a photo of the N and I's first V-Day together. He spent a lot of money he didn't really have on a dinner out at the fanciest place in town, and we dressed up AND HOW. I am wearing the shortest crushed-velvet dress you have ever seen in your lifetime, along with some giant platform heels. He is wearing a tie.

He looks as if he is about to marry a hooker child bride, but oh sweet internet, you better believe I had some serious legs in my day. Christ almighty.


The Deceiver said...

Good girl velvet or bad girl velvet?

("GG" and "BG" velvet is like, the ONE piece of information I've retained from everything my wife has taught me about, no prurient interest...just trying to FEED my MIND with KNOWLEDGE!)

The Governess said...

the dress was good girl, maybe? the shoes made it bad girl, i think? the weird 90's fascination with 40's makeup and choice of hairstyle puzzling, perhaps?

and your wife is so dead right on w/r/t velvet as a fabric.

Anonymous said...

Bad girl = smooth direction leads towards "the goods"?