Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Listen, I've told Catherine we are willing to submit handwriting samples to prove our innocence in the DIsney Valentine Blogger Bombing '07, but you people still don't believe it wasn't us.

By the way, Mystery Internet Valentines Mailer: What? No Love for the Pygs? HARSH. You love the Amanda M. blog, but no PIAB? You love GRAMMARPOLICE? You love Charles, even though he's too busy with his burgeoning music career to update his blog? And Techy Tom? The cruelest of Sommers? WHATEVER. Catherine is perversely proud of getting more princesses than everyone else, and Capps is grumpy cause Snow White is a whore, and me? I don't need you, MIVM. I make my own fucking valentines, thank you very much.

Count how many princesses I GOT. Suck it, Andrews!

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tom said...

it's... so beautiful