Wednesday, February 21, 2007

sometimes, always

Confession time:

I've now received two emails re: the Jesus and Mary Chain reunion @ Coachella, and my first reaction to both MJ and Drew was "wicked!" (You can even ask Drew, that is a straight quote. "Wicked." Who says "wicked?" I do, apparently.) After reviewing the playback tape (mp3, whatever) I have decided to officially not give a crap.

I have "Just Like Honey" downloaded and a busted-ass scratchy copy of Stoned and Dethroned in the trunk of my car somewhere, and honestly? I think that's all I'll ever need of the Reids. Apologies, boys. Carry on.

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Drew said...

A life without Honey's Dead is a life not worth living! And Just Like Honey is probably the song on Psychocandy I listen to the least. Hardest Walk, all the way!

Recent discovery: J&MC and My Bloody Valentine are very soothing for a friend of mine's newborn baby. Baby loves some feedback and distortion.