Tuesday, February 27, 2007

hello, good morning, nice day, pleasure to see you

- Defenders of Stan #5 up now. Special cameos, yo.

- HIMYM is officially unfunny this season. Anyone I heartily recommended this sitcom to: I'm sorry. You can borrow my Season I DVDs, and then I'll go ahead and succumb to the public stoning. Or caning. Dealers choice.

- Forget Cheney/bomb news: Yay!

- It's almost the time of year when I start reallly pretending to care about basketball. It's a glorious few shorts months to hang around me. You can usually find me a a terrifically dumpy down-the-street bar where only 65 year old men and there wives hang out. My mom called me Sunday from the CP stands during the UNC game to report "I'm sitting behind a bunch of cursers! And everyone's gonna rush the floor! I think they get fined for that!" The giddyness in her voice was not unlike a toddler on a Jumbo Pixie Stick bender.

- Also re: sporting life, I have joined another vball team this season. Which means pretty much 3 of 5 weekday nights, I will be playing volleyball. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Magic 8ball says ask again later.

- PFork says Vol. 5/Seattle Burn to Shine soon to come. Gibbard, Vedder, Minus the Bear, the Long Winters, Harvey Danger, Kinski?

- Fun fact: The N thinks almonds are poisonous. Ask him about his almond evolution theory sometime soon. ALSO. We have a new member of the family. He lives in the laundry room. The N. is gonna teach me how to streetfight. Think Lloyd Dobler.

- Stores I referenced in an IM this morning: Bradlees, Jamesway, Walmart. I think only one of those three still even exist.

Okay, bye.

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