Monday, February 12, 2007

I actually know the perfect guy

Look what a friend sent me. To bad I'm 6'8" and the G is 4'11" or we'd be all over that.

The Washington Nationals baseball club announces that the club is seeking part-time, seasonal staff to perform at 2007 Nationals' home games as the famous Racing Presidents. Each runner will wear a costume depicting the four Mt. Rushmore presidents (Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln) and race around the RFK diamond, while fans cheer. Applicants must be between 5'7" and 6'6" in height; have the ability to run from right field to home plate (about 100 yds.); have the ability to wear a costume weighing 45 lbs; and be available for at least half of the Nationals home games. Contact: 202-541-1636

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Pygmalion said...

The Nats entertainment coordinator who runs (pun intended) the Dead Presidents is a great friend of mine...I'm sure I could -- as one Pygmalion to another -- get him to average y'all's heights to get you in as a tandem couple Presidential team...:)