Friday, February 16, 2007

ashy no more

okay hipsters. what do we think of charlotte hatherly? because I (WEIRDLY*) rather like the beginning of the song "behave", but then at about 1:50 i have to turn it off because that's when the hate begins to well and I start to cry.

this reminds me of a friend of mine who made mix tapes of only the parts of the songs she liked, leading to the most insane jumble of crap and repeated choruses and jarring sounds you'd ever heard. terrible, in kind of a great way.

* CH: kind of sixpencenonethericher-natalieimbruglia-letters to cleo-spicegirls-terrifying-eloans cartoon pink haired commercial girl-mashup in this video, and the video reminds me of "Cool World" (ugh?), all of which would usually lead to intense nausea on my part, and yet the song remains on my ITunes? Since I hadn't seen the video since now, I can't blame the captivation on eyeliner. Everyone knows eyeliner can be quite mesmorizing.

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kriston said...

I can get all the way to 2:33, where the guitar hits a sound that reminds me of that thing Kahn sticks in Chekov's ear in STII.