Thursday, February 08, 2007

keep it on the lodo


-- Unconfirmed, I may have a layover in Denver for work. What are fun things to do for a few hours/evening in Denver, people? Justin has informed me that the Real World people are not, in fact, living in the Real World. They live in fake Denver. And besides, that was months ago. So stalking the Junior Douchebag Brigade and filling their hot tub with Tabasco is not an option (anymore). I was also going to send out bat signals from MTV House (I assume there are giant lights w. that capability built into 1920 Market St [oh yes i just said it, adrress bitches]), but more like: lighted signals in the shape of a moose, or a cowboy hat, or a hemp necklace (Boulder shout out) or something else Westerny, or maybe giant beers, lighting up the night sky with a giant beer mug, or a giant outline of an a herpes virus, signaling to anyone in the Rockies who wanted ot come find me and hang out, I AM IN TOWN. Oh wait. Not because I have an STD. Because I was infiltrating a Real World House. Jesus. Shut up, me. Where was I? Anyways, Denver. Oh yeah, and we're going to London. But that's not til summer.

-- OR Info from PFork

-- One line Pan's Labyrinth review by Jane Dark: 1) Spanish Winona Ryder; Harold & the Purple Crayon riff; title better in English. Upon more thought, the original was better. *

-- I'm too old and not really the demog they're going for either I'm just curious - has anyone trid to get a vaccine in DC recently and been told the pharmacy is sold out?


-- More on Peter Bjorn n John from The N: I watched the scene several times until i was able to make out enough lyrics to do a search. The first time it was from a rap group called Pitbull out of Miami. but I narrowed it down and found it.

-- Sickness everywhere! Even every electronic I have touched this week has been infected by my poisonous fingertips. Seriously. Routers blowin-up, passwords corrupted, Outlooks reinstallin', printers spewing out page after page of one-line Wingdings code, funky DSL, and I think a VIS (v. imp. server) has the flu. Kind of related, the PF Chengs dinner I had Tuesday night made me wake up at 2 am to barf. Fun, right?

* all completely unclever snarking aside, when is someone going to do a remake of this already? I've been waiting for new Hollywood to ruin this since only since forever. Also, I could have made a movie joke about Lisa Nowak and the soon-to-be-released The Astronaut Farmer but I haven't figured out how to tie that together yet. You'd think BB Thornton and diapers would be easy. More on this as it develops.

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