Sunday, February 25, 2007


BD and I need to have a grownup sit-down discussion about misplaced anger and teenage aggression. Three times, at least, he has caused some decent facial injury to me (ref: here and, I don't know, anywhere else in this blog). This afternoon, I was laying on the floor, reading the paper, and he actually punched me in the eyeball. So I have a wicked broken blood vessel in my left eyeball. Call me Kano.

Okay, nevermind. I'll shut up until I have to get stitches.

* * *

I spent the weekend hibernating, my new thing is to refuse to leave the house/change out of sweatpants. I love my new thing.

I watched most of "Firefly" again for the 5th time, went on a few walks in the snow, watched The Departed, ate chinese food. This morning I came out of hibernation long enough to eat brunch with crazy southern women at the Grand Hyatt downtown (long story) and go to the Native American Museum with my dad "Hey. Wow. Look at the stuff us whiteys stole, now in glass cases." Thanks for the commentary, old man.

* * *

Oscars, quickly:

- The N is astounded at Djimon Hounsou's range. Paula Abdul & Ms. Jackson If Yr Nasty videos, annnnnnnd Amistead? Damn.

- KELLY LEAK. If Kelly Leak doesn't win something, I'll be so sad. And I never even saw Little Children.

- Also, Sandals commercials and the cover of "I Had the Time of my Life" by AFI or Sum 49 or something? Make me want to chop my own head off.

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