Friday, February 09, 2007

rock and roll motel

Spring is the new Fall, apparently.

Thunderbirds are Now at RR Hotel - 2/12
Five Maserati at DC9 - 2/25
The Thermals at BC - 3/2
William Elliot Whitmore at RR Hotel - 3/3
Nethers at BC - 3/9
Taj Mahal/Los Lobos at the State - 3/9
Gomez and Ben Kweller at Sonar - 3/10
Ponys at BC - 3/24
Bob Schneider at the State - 4/13
TV on the Radio at 9:30 - 4/18

Also coming: The Books, Ted Leo, and Adem. And CatAn reports on attempted purchase of Thievery Corp. tickets.

Thus far, we have only managed to get our act together to buy TV on the Radio tickets.

Rermember how I was going to save money this year and not purchase a lot of things? You don't? Oh. The plan was going to be: fiscal responsibility so we can blow it all across teh pond in August!

About that.


tom said...

3/10 - swimmers & vita ruins @ DC9

I'll be out of town, but I'm determined to push this band on an innocent world.

But: Thievery Corp? Hmm. I sort of like having a seminal eurotrash band hanging around & owning a club in my city, but I don't actually have any desire to see them.

the g said...

actually, i'm closer to yr camp on TC, but i've never seen them. i feel like i should see them once, just because.

but as far as really wanting too? eh.... lukewarm.