Tuesday, February 13, 2007

If they walked across the ice, then where were they before that? Georgetown? Rosslyn? Your'e wrong.

I was all set to share the dynamic video I shot on Sunday on Roosevelt Island with the world today. It was great. See, while the G was doing her homework in her pajamas on Sunday, the dog and I went for a hike. At the southern most tip of the island, he started running around like a crazier dog than usual and howling and pulling on his lead. He dragged me about 75 yards before I realized he was trailing 4 deer. I got out my new video camera and rolled about 3 minutes of them grazing and bounding and acting en-deer-ing.


Zero of it came out because I’m an MO-RON. There is about two minutes of it recording in my pocket, then it stops, and then there is five more minutes of it recording in my pocket. So, yeah, I turned it off when I meant to turn it on.

Use your imagination. There are deer on Roosevelt Island and they have white tails and they eat shoots or something in the ground and their souls are free because they only fear Brown Dogs and jet noise.

Here is a picture of the frozen river from my other camera that did work.

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