Monday, February 26, 2007

henry rollins on care bears/ state of the monday

can't talk now. eye hurts. i think the (minor) injury has caused some (minor) brian damage, b/c i've been listening to weepy indie folk waltz-dirges all morning, specifically with lyrics about girls named Heather*. And mandolins. MANDOLINS(!)

* not that I don't love the several Heathers in my life. **

** but seriously, brain damage. paste-magazine-counting-crows-style-brain-damage. i keep just staring into space, all movements are exceptionally slow. maybe i'm just sleepy??? or bored??? maybe i have a concussion???? i can't even capitalize anything in this post???


brightside: my back feels better.

off to swallow some pills.

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La Bella Mafia said...

You know what heals eye-bleeding? Jellybeans.