Tuesday, November 28, 2006

you sound like the shins, go to prom with me?

My spouse is out of town and there is an all-ages Deleted Scenes show at Black Cat tomorrow night. Who wants to go flirt with some 15 year olds? Raise em high and proud, people, otherwise I'm bringing my poodle-owning exceptionally-Southern 65-year-old lesbian neighbor who rides a motorscooter down our street while wearing WWII fighter pilot goggles, and throws Doritos around her backyard like confetti "for the birds, so they don't starve."

Good times.


catherine said...

i've got plans but if those somehow fall through, i would definitely go. you can be my #1 backup plan. woo!

The Governess said...

i'm no. 1! i'm no. 1!