Friday, November 24, 2006


Aarrgggh, the food, Holy Mary Mother of Sweet Potato Casserole the food. Eating is addictive, you know. After a year of not cooking, in the past two days alone I have brought an amazing pear/belgian endive/sweet walnut/blue cheese/field green salad with mustard vinagrette to the already-overstuffed table, AND this morning have managed to put out two different kinds of muffins (citrus chocolate chip and cinnamon pear ginger.)

REVEL in it, folks. This may signal the coming of the Armegeddon or something.

Now, to waddle it all off. The dog and I may send smoke signals if our stomaches distend to the point that our joints no longer function. I'm predicting 200 yds from the front door.

In other news, I have a terrible cold and am losing my voice.

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