Wednesday, November 15, 2006

you are cordially invited to the wedding of you and you

I have only been able to unearth one internet review of a Captured By Robots show:

"This whole show was really weird and great. It was pretty surreal because it was partially like seeing a combination of the following: the animatronic band at Chucky Cheese, GWAR, a Star Trek blooper real where they cuss a lot, and Tony Clifton. The main guy is obviously retardedly talented, because I think he conceptualized the whole thing AND built the robots. I was extremely impressed and afraid of him, so definitely an awesome show."

If anyone finds any more info out there, please let me know. It looks like the only 2006 touring Captured By Robots is participating in is a wedding circuit in the San Jose area, which leads me to want to post on the SF Craigslist and beg for wedding invites from strangers. Also it makes me complately rethink how I went about this wedding thing.

* * *

Speaking of marital bliss, I'm participating in one this weekend. The bride should be somewhere in Bergen County by now, stressing to the max about the limo arrangements, instead of reading blogs (GET OFF THE INTERNET/I SEE YOU). It will be a rad event, mostly because I just printed off our "handmaiden schedule" and she made sure to bold the Sean O'Casey Irish Pub's last call. Oh, and ice sculptures. Two of them.

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