Tuesday, November 07, 2006

midterm care package/apples not far from trees

Mom-On-The-Street reports trickling in from the wasteland - apparently out in Loudoun, a woman appears at my folks polling place dressed in full bridal gown & veil, urging pople to vote yes on the Const. amendment re: gay unions.

"She even had the nerve to say she was non-partisan. And I think I told her not to touch me, and then when I left after voting she told me to have a nice day. And she was sickly-sweet about it. And you know how I hate that."

Moms Pyg also reports that "she stood behind my notoriously liberal pastor + wife in line this morning, so there are at least two more votes against the Dark Side."

My mommy, professional seether. She has sooooooo got yr back.

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