Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Whatever and ever, eggmen

While the G was rehearsing her critical bridesmaid’s duties on Friday night, T-15 and I were exiled to the furthest pews with nothing to do except grumble and fidget with our hip electronics. However, seeing that this was a pre-ceremonial ceremony I grew concerned about the grey areas involved in using your phone and blackberry in church. As long as the officiating holy figure was in the room, making a call in the pew seemed wrong no matter how ordained the event. But what about sending a text message? Or responding to an email? Or checking blogs on your Blackberry?

I’ve since developed a loose moral code for my churchy-time electronics use. Everything during priestly directed prayer time is an automatic non-starter but the other situations are more limber. Reading messages during non-prayer time is allowed but responding will depend on pulpit maneuverings.

The time required to attempt your electronic ambitions must be taken into account as well. During some rehearsal down time, I was asked if I knew anything of the 1992 Lobster Boy murder in Gibsonton, FL. I was able to access the internets quickly enough but the priest caught me off guard by asking for a prayer during the specific download. I hope Blackberries operate on a different radio frequency than the one I was praying on or that signal were sure to have gotten crossed with Wikipedia.

The wedding seemed to go well enough but if anything didn’t go as blessed as it could have, well, I guess you can blame me. Also, Lobster Boy.

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