Tuesday, November 14, 2006

boys will be boys racist and misogynist

Treading carefully, although I am unafraid to look ig'nant:

Assholes being sued for acting like assholes story.

Here's my question w/r/t this article:

"They were induced to agree to participate and were told the name of the fraternity and the name of their school wouldn't be used," said the plaintiffs' attorney, Olivier Taillieu. "They were put into an RV and were made to believe they were picking up Borat the hitchhiker."

After a bout of heavy drinking, the plaintiffs signed a release form they were told "had something to do with reliability issues with being in the RV," Taillieu said.

Isn't it liability? Or does that mean the same thing? Lawpersons, correct me if I'm wrong.

AND FURTHERMORE: Does anyone know the rules to the game Sworley was playing on "How I Met Your Mother" last night? Because it looked like fun. I am in hard love with that sitcom. It's highly embarrassing.


Blogs t r e t c h said...

I don't know the rules, but I do know that if you find the jelly bean, you tripple your winnings.

The Governess said...

only if you split your pile first.