Tuesday, November 07, 2006

best i've ever had

1. The Gears of War commercial does not make me want to buy/play that game. It does, however, depress the everliving hell out of me, and motivate me in getting a scrip for Paxil. Well done, gaming industry!

2. I keep trying, and yet I still don't like the Decemberists. I feel like something might be wrong with me.

Man, I am a giant basket of rainbow fun lately.


tom said...

1. Here's how this happens: some dude at a software company watches Donnie Darko and says Dude, this movie is AWESOME and buys the soundtrack off Amazon because it contains so many great 80s songs. He's disappointed to find that they couldn't license the rights for any of those songs and instead he just got a copy of the score and one original song. DD and its 80s songs are both great, but this guy doesn't actually have any taste, so he latches onto this so-so song and makes it his personal anthem. He keeps playing it for girlfriends in awkward situations, and people start making jokes about the Desperado episode of Seinfeld. But eventually he attains a position of power at his company and decides he wants to make A Different Kind Of Game Trailer. This is actually a stupid, incoherent idea given the game's subject matter, but he'll be lauded and rewarded for it anyway because the game is going to sell a zillion copies since Halo 3 isn't out yet.

2. C'mon, they're alright. There are a couple of great singles on Castaways and Cutouts, and a few epics on Picaresque. Haven't listened to the new one much yet, but there is absolutely no better band to put on the stereo while driving to or from a historic whaling village*.

* I have done this

The Governess said...

okay, i can officially get behind your asterisk AND "16 military wives." but i remain skeptical on everything else.