Wednesday, November 29, 2006

no seriously, i will fly myself to India to fix your goddamn servers which have been broken for 5 days

One of the greatest things ever in my young life just happened to me:

As I'm screaming on the phone to Computerland Customer Service in "Business Governess" voice (and people who know this voice RELISH THE EVERLIVING POO out of it, it is like the choicest vocal styling you can imagine), my boss overhears me say "I DON'T REALLY CARE to hear EXCUSES, Chris, I'm BLEEDING MONEY OVER HERE!" and starts giggling like a Harajuku pre-teen:

1. I don't work for a for-profit type deal, so I'm a liar


2. I totally sounded like a James Spader character in an 80's movie. I called a customer service rep by name! "Ghost?" "Sex Lies Videotape?" "Less Than Zero?" (was he even in that?) Anyways, one of them.

In the midst of anger-n-chaos: beauty. Who's up for coke later?


Anonymous said...

He was in Less Than Zero, but I think you're looking for Wall Street. Also, I'm sure Tony Goldwyn doesn't like you confusing him with James Spader.

The Governess said...

i always do that. tony's just gonna have to get over it.