Thursday, November 09, 2006

apple face unicorn bong

things learned/thunk/the blathering:

1. WaPo, number one!

2. We are going to the theatre on Friday night. You should, too. fun to say: "oh no, we can't, sorry, we are going to the theatre."


4. I am thoroughly underwhelmed by "Lost" after the last two weeks. I could barely pay attention at all, and kept hoping the dog would wake up and come downstairs and play with me. I have to watch it, and yet do I have to be bored? Do I have to care any less about Kate? Because frankly I don't give a caged bear's fish biscuit about her any longer. Go away, Freckles.

5. Has a Four Tet track! Go Go Ninja Dino.

6. Holy crapping nostalgia flashback: I read a particular webblahg fairly often, one that is mostly constructed of photos of some stranger's life of like, hanging out and being way cool with friends and photos and stuff, probably in NYC or San Francisco but not in DC. Lots of oversized sunglasses and maybe a Misshapes entry or two. But it makes me laugh and the pictures are usually feature people who just look like they'd be nice. Anyways, one entry features this photo:

This photo almost made me wet myself. So, I had one of these apple things as a baby, it was my favoritest toy ever, and my pops actually made up a song about it, appropriately titled "Happy Apple." I haven't seen one of these things since I stopped teething on it. I still know every word to "Happy Apple." I just emailed him acopy of this pic. It has totally made my entire day. Ten giddy points for strange unexpected childhood father/daughter flashbacks.

7. Other things in "subcategory: holy crapping crap": I recently purchased another item of clothing from Forever "Pushing-30-But-Inappropriately-Still- Shopping-at-Crappy-Teen-Stores" 21; and I'm probbably not returning it despite the following statement from my spouse: "Yeah, that style doesn't really look that good on you." I meant to go shopping for Halloween costume parts, and WHOOPS, here I am bying clothes to wear in real life. Bah humdress, I'm so gonna sport it to a wedding rehearsal dinner next week. Something is officially wrong with me.

8. Solidifying the above statement, I am considering going to church on Sunday morning. Strange but true.

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Anonymous said...

Cool, I'm probably going to be at the play tomorrow as well.

I actually have occasional church-going urges, despite being not at all religious. Around once a year or so, I'll get up some random Sunday morning and go, pretty much on a whim. I think it's as much for the pageantry as anything else, but who knows.