Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Once More, With Violence

Our three day absence to Stuckeyville last weekend meant, much to my frustration, missing three critical flag football games. Even worse were the two shut out losses that now handcuff our playoff hopes. And worst of all was the first game was called a few minutes into the second half because of a fight between all the linemen. There were choke holds and black eyes and everything.

The G is happy that I missed this. I’m upset because I should have been playing on the line and the guy who replaced me was unequipped for the situation. It’s not that I’m looking to fight someone; it’s more that I think I could have prevented the game getting called and a costly loss.

The retelling of the game’s account through emails, though, has left me itching to play again soon. But we don’t have a game again for weeks. So, to resolve this agitation, I am offering my skull knocking services to anyone looking for protection. For example, say you want to check out a SITCOM but your roommate makes you watch some ridiculous musical episode of a cult television fantasy show. I’ll gladly come by your townhouse and smack the remote out of his hand. And maybe knock off his glasses. But only if you want or he talks sass.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, that's a shame that you had to forfeit cuz of a fight. Are you in a league or do you just play pick up?