Tuesday, November 28, 2006

here comes the haaaccccckkkk

It's now been made pulic that the BRIDE, of all people, is the germ-infested cold pollutant that has affected 87% of New Jersey Wedding 2006 attendees. We're rill glad she's been able to shake it off in Hawaii, while the rest of us suffer all along the East Coast. Ass.

Emails from paradise: Uggg - I'm so sorry. I wonder if I infected all 200 guests! Robutussin and shots of Jameson most likely evoked my cousin's quote: "You were like Grace Kelly. Only brunette. And drunk."

Most apt description yet.

PS, is it Fall 2005 in here or what? I have not posted this much on this here blog since I was 12 years old.


Phil said...

The customary "french kissing of the bride" is something that should be thought twice about during cold/flu season.

tom said...

I think she may have gotten me via you -- I've been sick since Sunday evening. And I don't think we could've interacted for more than a few minutes on Saturday. That's one virulent bride.