Friday, November 03, 2006

Hurry back, please

I bet you can’t wait until the other half of this site gets back from jury duty. This place balances out a little better with her around.

She can’t wait to get back either. Though I still know NO details of what’s going on, my female intuition is picking up that it’s not good. Ed Helms and Jim singing the Indigo Girls on The Office last night was her first smile in 3 days. And as soon as Michael tried to kiss Pam, it was gone.

Plus her reunion is on Saturday and she’s ready to knock the skulls of the other "adults" who are "helping" to "run" it. Here’s what I know about that:

1. My $75 dinner better be the best Chicken Kiev I’ve ever had.

2. T-15 is a huge baby for not coming and having my back. Have fun with your Manimal DVDs or whatever it is you do on Saturday nights while your fiancé and I suffer through stories of HS lameness, dude.

3. No matter what any of her old classmates do for a living, it will not top my reunion where one guy claimed he designed ice cream for a living. He even won an award for Best Tasting New Frozen Product Designed for Consumers Under 14 or some such radness. The best any of the G’s friends may do is be rich internets moguls. Stupid AOL.

4. She’s decided to get her hair highlighted hours before the reunion starts. In fact, I think she is leaving straight from the girl barber shop to go help set up the reunion and cook my Kiev. She didn't see the prospective danger of a hairstyling disaster until I pointed it out. This has the potential to be situational comedy GOLD! I think she should schedule dates with 2 different boys for that night too. Only then will we learn the true meaning of Christmas.


Sommer said...

The State Department has officially switched over to the proper Ukrainian transliteration, Kyiv, and you should too! Slava Ukrayina!

tom said...

Who said that Chicken Kiev had anything to do with Kyiv?

Sommer said...

It's named after the city! Kiev is how the Russians spell it.