Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Want Some CD

Sure, sure. You fancypants jr. pundits have yr intimate relationships with Blitzer coverage, snarky blogging parties, and MOBILE INTERNET MACHINES; but what did I have last night, the most feared night in the country? Two farting dogs and oft-interrrupted naps; mostly asleep on my in-laws couch by 9:30 pm. Jealous?

I spent most of my election evening flickering between Spike TV's CSI Season 1 reruns (dude, Marg Helgenblahblah used to have a haircut just like my mom, what was that all about?) and News Channel 8, because i'm funny like that.

* * *

- Defenders of Stan Number 3, hilar as usual.

- Wired's Short Stories

- My new haircut? Think Dot Hamill, but longer. Bangs, kittens. Bangs.

- Also, if you didn't listen to "Pow! To the People" by the Make Up at least once last night, we're not talking anymore.

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