Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chewy on the inside, gross everywhere else

Our neighbors are all either young go-getters, lady spinsters or the creepy guy who sweeps only every third leaf off his sidewalk. In other words, no time for kids. So we have bunches of Halloween candy left over.

The house candy purge has begun!

Attempt #1: Milk Dud Cereal!

While the overall taste is quite appealing, the cold milk hardened the caramel making it almost impossible to chew. The mini-wheats were too mushy for my refined palate by the time I was finished gnawing through one mouthful of Duds. If I had dental fillings I surely would have lost them. Fortunately, my teeth are already rounded and worthless like little pearls. God bless my Dunst-Mouth.

Verdict: Failure. Perhaps this would work better with warm oatmeal.

Next: What to do with all these disgusting Mary Janes? Suggestions?


tom said...

You bought Mary Janes? Some people consider that a form of child abuse.

I kind of have a soft spot for them, though. Maybe microwave them onto some bread, add jelly and make a sandwich? It might work if they can be made soft enough. But I think you'd need toast to compete with the MJ's density, and that may rule out the microwave solution...

Oh! Melt them into a gross thai peanut sauce?

the Nabob said...

I would never, NEVER, buy MJ's myself. A neighbor dumped them on us, thinking we were young and fit and with high metabolism.