Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I know what's coming/i'm not working

Re: Newspapers:

- The Times mastheads

- Hirschorn on reinventing the newspaper

- Newspapers online. It seems like a good (and obvious) idea, but I've already not been able to find two or three newspapers I know are online in this site's database. So.

Re: Music:

- On Jay Z's newest: On the lyrical front, Jay hasn’t completely lost his ability to rap, but he does spend plenty of time spinning his wheels (“It’s a new era / So I’ve got a brand new hat”). This is stuff he could come up with in a doctor’s waiting room over a copy of People: Ben and J. Lo, “Angelina Joleezie,” MySpace, Steve Jobs, etc. Granted, this may be the circle Jay-Z runs in these days, but they make for tired punchlines. Exactly.

- My friend MJ's best songs of 2006. I don't agree with them all.

"Phantom Limbs" The Shins
"No Use Crying," Embrace
"Wolves," Josh Ritter
"But I Did Not," Howe Gelb
"Cruelty to Animals," the Pernice Brothers
"Ever Thought of Coming Back," Kelley Stoltz
"Song with a Mission," the Sounds
"Cocaine Man," Baxter Dury
"The Blues Are Still Blue," Belle & Sebastian
"Skip to the End," the Futureheads
"Crush in the Ghetto," Jolie Holland
"Shallow," South
"Hazelville," Captain
"My Secret is My Silence," Roddy Woomble
"Is It Any Wonder," Keane
"The Licensee," Channels
"Rise Up with Fists!!," Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
"Go Go Gadget Girl," the Motorettes

- +/- Review

- Ryan Adams: at least he's consistent

Re: Misc Stuff:

- "Why Comic Sans?" at Connare's website; Connare interview.

- White Castle stuffing

- Public Notice: If you are related to me and haven't updated your Amazon wish list in a year, just be prepared to not receive any gifts for the holidays/your upcoming birthday/etc. Also; I have drawn the name of a bank teller aunt from the rural midwest in the family gift-swap this year. She likes baking cakes and making jewelry. If you have any ideas beyond me going to a craft store and shipping her an assload of fake turquoise, hit me up.

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