Thursday, November 30, 2006

stayed drunk, found god

- So, was Let's French good? I am 102 years old come this winter, so I have to leave concerts early now. Societal rules and stuff. I can't believe I now go to bars for, at max, an hour and a half.

- Deleted Scenes had an off night, although I like their new song they closed with. The lead singer was dressed like Harry Potter-sans-specs, so that was nice.

- Mikal Evans has a very pleasant voice. Like if Bjork stopped sucking helium and was from Appalachia or something instead of Reykjavik.

- Guest appearances by the C. the bouncer I totally don't recognize anymore because he's so skinny, Middle Distance Runner, the bartender from GH who I want one of my friends to marry simply because he has that old Fort Reno teeshirt I want AND says "cheers" unironically when he gets your a beer AND just seems like a nice guy, and a blogger (unconfirmed spotting.)

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KassyK said...

I was going to see Let's French. Was the place packed?