Thursday, July 06, 2006

she squirmed and turned

Hello 11:43 PM, it's been a minute.* Nice to run into you again.

1. It was delightful to see familiar DCist-ish faces tonight, all thems blogroll regulars, which - admittedly, I need to read more often to avoid embarrassing admissions like "oh, Bombay/Mumbai, eh?"

2. Tell us Pyg ladies the truth, now: is "Tessaract" too nerdy for a bar name? Would you imbibe there? Discuss.

3. My 4-Miller Lite parallel parking is.... unparalleled.

4. Do you want to know the song that has been my theme for the past week? Making me grab the half-rolled-down windows of the Jeep and scream along in time? Here you is. It will make you feel 22 again, this I promise. Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos - "Skeleton Key". Seriously. The best part is that super-special "WHOOOO!" in the middle/end. You'd think I'd hate a song like this, but I don't.

Eh, what the hell. here, have r. julian's "cheap guitar," too. Not as much my favorite continually-pressing-repeat-song, but I'm feeling late-night generous.

* what my high school classmates say on MySpace, even though they are 30 years old. Can someone please explain?


The Deceiver said...

Tesseract, I thought.

Has someone been rereading her Madeleine L'Engle, maybe?

I'd drink there, in the hopes that enough booze could cause a Wrinkle in Time and walk home on a Swiftly Tilting Planet.

the Nabob said...

You could barely get my car out of the garage and now your driving around screaming out the window, trying to park on 4 beers?

I do not approve.

The Governess said...

no one asked for your approval. after the week i've had, 4 beers seemed like a v. small indulgence.

ps i hate your car.

The Governess said...

TESSERACT. Yes. Spelling is hard.

The other option was "A Swiftly Tilting Bar."

Lady Jane Grey said...

There were other, less popular options such as "Arrakis" or "Mua'dib's Place." Dune is great for this reason: references to it always cross that line between "ha-ha funny" and "funny . . .oh, wait, you're a total nerd."