Monday, July 10, 2006

shamrock shake

I was going to write an entry about our weekend, since it was pretty eventful and involved both copious amounts of rum and hammer-wielding in-laws, but then some more important news came about.

S: So when I got home saturday night there was a basement full of boys watching UFC (61?) with Ken Shamrock. Seriously how can that guy still be fighting? He was fighting when we were in high school?

The G: no kidding. it was a new dvd? and then he joined the WWE, didn't he?

S: nope a pay per view 'event" tito ortiz wailed on him for about 10 seconds and they called the fight. it was very don king-esque.

The G: excellent

S: one of the guys after his fight said "I'm still not too confident about my fighting. I need to get my confidence back up" Aren't they just supposed to growl and wipe blood away in interviews? I felt it was an overshare

The G: who was the guy that carried the cross on his back? he always should have won because jesus was on his side, and not on the side of the Gracie bros.

S: the Gracie train! woot wooooooo!


tom said...

Ah, Ken Shamrock. Yeah, I saw a bunch of UFC commercials hyping that fight. The guy looks pretty good for how old he must be. I remember seeing him back on WWF Superstars on Saturday mornings, after the day's cartoon programming concluded. He was always introduced as a "shoot fighter", which I now know to be a inside wrestling term, but which at the time I always thought was "chute". Because wouldn't it be awesome if two guys fought while tumbling down a chute? Or if they were delivered to the ring via chute? As always, reality proves to be a big disappointment.

Anyway, what was his finishing move? Figure 4?

the Nabob said...

The figure 4 was my downfall in my high school's Jello Wrestling fundraiser. It was such a comlicated move and I was powerless to stop it.

Plus, the Jello got in my eyes and stung like shit.