Sunday, July 30, 2006


I was going to limp down Weekend Roundup Ave, but in all honesty the past few days can be summed up in a single stream-of-conciousness word-grouping: sweat drove beer drink drive sweat stomach ulcer neck hurt hot car hot dog lazy sweat beer. *

And then last night I sat around w. K and LJG making throat-slitting gestures at each other, and wondering why people don't do that anymore when making either real or fake death threats? Because it's damn hilarious.

In other not very exciting news, my boss is back in town after a week-long camping trip, which means I can no longer spend the bulk of my days on the Apple movie trailers site.

* * *

Hear my proclamation! I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder/neck/upperback area. Believe it. At this point, all other guesses at self-diagnoses over the past 3 or 4 years have failed, and chiropractors are total fucking schmucks (sorry, but you know it's true) and my general practice person can't really be bothered with me, so I'm pretty much at a loss at this point. Pinched nerve! Done and done. It now has a label until someone tells me something better/different/more dramatic. What a girl to do.

* * *

1. clip art movie (from kottke)

2. The Ling: "...where she does off the heez research for Maureen Dowd."

3. The Year of Magical Totally Immature n Delusional Thinking.

4. On being torn apart:
"Fans of Curtis and Joy Division should rest assured that if there is one person on this planet who should even come close to creating such a portrait on the late singer – it is Corbijn who perhaps can frame the story best and over the years has been up close to the singer and band personas.

Corbijn was a fan of Joy Division from the beginning – he smoked Galouis and started internet chat rooms where the background was black and the font was courier, and he stopped cutting his hair and wore German-made death/metal motorcycle boots with trench coats, but not in a COLUMBINE way, just more in a EUROPEAN way, and he kept a journal moved from Holland just to photograph the band – and from there he developed a friendship that lead him to direct what was to be the posthumous video Atmosphere."

* eh, one more detail: we did attend a saturday soiree that involved a nacho cheese fountain (yes) and me almost getting in a fight. that was kind of great, too.

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