Friday, July 07, 2006

fight for glory, honors won, bright in the lights of PINK AND BLUE AND FLASH FILES

File under: things to be sad about:

1. Blowfly has no DC shows scheuled for 06.

2. The Madisons have a new website, but that doesn't change the fact that I am still not eligible for membership, which is only a lifelong dream and stuff. MADISONS! When will you'ns re-examine yr radical-n-oppressive anti-marriage stance that breeds single-extremism and a love of watered-down cosmopolitans. THROW OFF THE CHAINS OF LEGAL COMMITTMENT-ISM THAT MENTALLY AND SPIRITUALLY BIND YE! *

File under: things to be pleased about:

1. Bars named "House of Harkonnen."

2. Broken Mascis Scene.

* (see what happens when you dont let me into yr inner circle, Madisons? Over-hyphenation, that's fucking what.)

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