Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the H, believing in it

1. All the reasons I love Amy Seadris are clearly outlined here, including the pantyhose/cowboy hat thing.

2. Who isn’t frequenting The Hype Machine these days? If the thousands of billable hours spent clicking around on here gives you nothing else, please note Scheff and crew in Others-style theatrical makeup being et up by a cardboard sea monster/octopi.

Watching that video gave me chills- like finding an old high school English project on VHS, forgotten behind your parents entertainment center- the one where you recreated the myth of Proteus or illustrated a chapter of The Old Man and the Sea while swilling Boones Farm.

Don’t even pretend you didn’t do that.* Anyways, Hype Machine--> great.

* Somewhere there exists a Loudoun County-style remake of the movie
Mortal Kombat, ** starring many of my high school dude friends + their older, unemployed brothers. I know it was rilly hilarious to own a camcorder at age 18, but personal to Nick B: here's my request to have that particular tape burned.*** Luckily, I believe my role is small, playing someone's girlfriend in the first five seconds of taping before my grisly murder, so even if it isn't set on fire, I should still be okay.

** Not school-sanctioned.

*** Oh. Yeah. This past New Years Eve drunken-zombie-movie-making. I do not have "being 18 and a total chowderhead" to blame that particular cinematic finery on.

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Matt said...

Amy Sedaris is indeed awesome. There was an interview with her in the Believer a few years ago that was also good.