Friday, July 21, 2006

periscope eye

1. 1727 19th Street NW

2. So great! and jealousy-inducing! I live down here on earth, and can't get a pansy to live more than a week. Ask me how our garden's doing this year. Even with all the rain, the answer is: struggling. Tomatoes, the N's territory and somethig he's usually very skilled at growing, remain a mystery. They're getting good height and flowering pretty nicely, but they're also yellowing and thus far, no fruit. The first summer we lived in our house, tomatoes threatened to overtake us and I had to reclaim one flower bed in order to preserve some backyard sanity. The past two summers- nothing. Bah.

3. Attention Loudoun residents: You are NEVER GETTING TO WORK AGAIN. Thanks, and suck on it! LYLAS - Your Board of Supervisors.

4. I love Paul Rudd. I love him, love him, love him. If you didn't see his small cameo as "Guy Gerricault, Lamaze Coach ("I'll spell it out for you ladies since it's not the traditional spelling of 'Jerico'") on the latest Reno 911, you missed 2 minutes of brilliance.

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