Friday, July 14, 2006

everyone's got a job.


In the final throes of planning a co. retreat, to take place tomorrow. Trying to scrape together a last-minute icebreaker activity. I'm thinking I give them three hours' head start and then hunt them for sport on my estate. Too old-school?


Kathryn Is So Over said...

don't know if you have time but I had to do this on 24 hour turnaround in december.

Have everyone submit a "secret" about themselves - names of their college bands, or that they were on swimteam for 14 years, or they once threw up on Nipsy Russell (someone submitted this). Then, you create a sheet of the secrets. Pass it out to everyone and have them spend 15 minutes talking to as many peopls as possible so they can match names to secrets. Then you call time, stand up at the front, read out the secrets, and everyone yells out who they are.

Everyone LOVED it.

The Governess said...

i'll pass that along to my pal MJ but I gotta tell you: personally, I'm still leaning toward big game hunting. Nothing screams icebreaker to me more than offing Hank from Accounts Payable with a .270

the Nabob said...

how many searches did it take you to find an appropriate caliber to reference in that reply?

The Governess said...

is .270 the right caliber? I thought it was a bit much for a mere human, actually.

the Nabob said...

.270 is a fine caliber for bringing down today's modern CEO