Friday, July 14, 2006

the amazing screw-on head

Hi, did you miss me? I have been in Very Important Business Meetings ("let's get hyped for strategic planning, people!") for the past few days. I emerged from my hotel bubble (chandeliers/recycled air/complimentary hard candy), and actually heard myself say, all quizzical-n-puzzled-n-vapid, my brow furrowed muchly: "Violence? Israel? Lebanon? Really?" I'm adorable, I tell you.

I've been through this kind of thing before, but my past life was all exceptionally boring blather on, oh, missile construction and homeland security programming. I took notes yesterday, and at one point I actually wrote "Smell-o-vision." I am in a much better place these days.

Otherwise, sometimes things got a little slow, as 10-hour-long meetings are wont to do. So here, I drew some penguins and hallucinating bunnies, dreaming of life-size carrots, for you. Unfortunately, I have yet to scan them. Check back.

- - -

... Also, in other news, I'm depressed. * My life is kind of a disaster right now, in the most self-serving yupp-ish kind of way. You can tell me to fuck off and die in the comments.

... Also, did you know there was a WORLD SERIES OF KICKBALL? I'm not even going to tell you how I found out about upcoming kickball nationals in Miami.

... Also/Which, surpisingly having nothing to do with the above: did you know Buffalo Billiards is reminiscent of Hell? It's so freaking hot and obnoxious down there. **

... Also, we saw a movie about sealife. And pirates. And an undead monkey. One film, so much learning. Thanks, Hollywood! Conch shell face will haunt my dreams forever!

- - -

1. New Luna and Minutemen dvds

2. When I was in elementary school, my best friend was named Val. She and I spent a lot of time experimenting with her older sister's day-glo mesh headbands, listening to parent-censored George Michael tapes, and staging dramatic music video reenactments on the foyer landing to a) Bananarama b) Bon Jovi and/or c) Madonna (ONLY the "true blue" album, usually only "la isla bonita.") MofS's Fraud in the 80s makes me think of all that. It also makes me think of the ending of 16 candles where they kiss over the birthday cake, even though that was the Thompson Twins, I KNOW. Val is old now and has a kid.

3. How many more bands can cover "Crazy?" STOP IT ALREADY/"fuck that noise" as the kids are saying. Grump grump grump.

- - -

I'm planning on not working all day, so maybe you should plan to hear more from me. Last night we had a PIAB brainstorming session, so I'll be starting a new blog soon called "MY OPINIONS" and everyday I'll just write one thing that I think is right, something I believe the rest of the world is stupid for not thinking the same thing. Charming, yes?

* Nevermind. Proven way to cure the blues.
** "Seriously, only my mom says 'freaking.' "

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