Wednesday, July 26, 2006

it's what we like to call "breaking news"

me: so, that happened.
S.: well I'm just glad it wasn't a new kid that came out. because that would have crushed my inner 11 year old.
me: hee
S: but since i've never made a sign that said "I love you Lance", I'm in the clear. I cannot say the same for NKOTB's John. I think that was his name. Not walburgh, not monkey, not little one, not jordan?
me: right. I think there was a little sing-song thing to remember them all-
"johnny jackie joe john jordache."
S: wait... donny.
me: donny wasn't monkey?
S: donny = walburg
me: Oh, yeah, no. donny was a marky mark sibling. right.
me: DANNY MONKEY. Danny. Wait, seriously. Why do I know this again?

* * *

My brother has an obsession with Nancy Grace that borders on extremely unhealthy. At first I was pretty sure that it was ironic, but the girlfriend reports he's really, really excited every time her big old freaky hairdo comes onto TV. Also, he asked for her book for Christmas. Anyways, awesome. I love teenagers.

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