Friday, July 28, 2006

there's a Filter song here somewhere

I've been dealing with my chronically fucked-up neck for the past few days, and the neck/back thing usually leads to insomnia, which means I've been cranky AND walking around like a Data/Ed Grimley hybrid. I know, I know. Don't get too turned on, internet.

Anyways, I've been scanning in some relatively ancient photos, since I've been up til 1 AM and all. My methods for scanning are this: stick hand in giant basket of unorganized/undated photos, pull out fistful, and scan whatever appears in my ravaged clutches. I'd say in a good 75% of photos I've found, I've been wasted. Yay '90s!

* * *

D: Today's beauty tip: Don't take a Tylenol PM and then polish your toenails. Trust me.
Me: Do we not recall the drunken hair bleaching of '97? Or maybe it was '98? Whatever. I feel yr pain.

Let's not discuss my photoshopping a truly awesome smiley dinosaur head onto my face. Let us all focus on something else entirely: HINT- I'm wearing some sort of dog collar/choker. Okay, and the fact that my noggin makes Tara Reid's colorist look like a Mensa leader. Are you dying inside along with me? Are you wondering where my true friends were, friends that should have staged some sort of alcohol/hair product intervention? Me too. Bitches.


catherine said...

chokers are the most inappropriate form of jewelry ever. every time i see one, inexplicable rage wells up from deep inside of me. but i too have made the mistake of wearing them, so it's all good.

The Governess said...

chokers are the most mind-blowingly stupid accessory in the universe. I really have no excuse. but in all honesty, I'm pretty sure this pales in comparison to other fashion stunts I pulled.

Kriston said...

I kind of miss chokers.

The Governess said...

kriston, no one misses chokers.

or babydoll dresses, for that matter.


okay, maybe some people miss those.

The Deceiver said...

You should be glad it was just a wayward hair bleaching. During my time at Punk As Fuck Virginia Commonwealth University, these things never ended in hair bleachings. They ended in septum piercings.

The Governess said...

at first, i read that last line as "scrotum piercings" and I was like, duh, dude.... what DIDN'T end in scrotum piercings back then?