Monday, July 17, 2006

zigazig ah

I can't believe I missed this.

I'm really excited to watch that video, because while at the time I didn't give two shits about the Spice Girls*, I am retrospectively totally fascinated by the whole phenomenon. The yelling, the pointing, the metallic lycra? Crazy! And whatever happened to Sporty? Cemet blocks and the Thames? (Oops. Nevermind.)

Happy birthday you incredibly fucked up piece of pop claptrap, "Wannabe!" Happy birthday indeed! Oh sweet Victoria Beckham, will you just LOOK. AT. THAT. VOGUEING.

* By "not giving two shits," I mean banging on the wall that separated my room from the dormmate next door, my RA, a lovely elementary education major from West Virginia named Sarah. Sarah used to invite her friends, the girls in the TAE KWON DO CLUB, over for kicking practice/Spice Girl dance parties at 9 am on Saturday mornings. At best, this woke me up; at worst, this disturbed my very important journalling/sulking to "Head on the Door." Sarah! What was your deal!

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