Thursday, July 06, 2006


Oh, Fort Reno. I apologize. But I am single-parenting the hellhound tonight, so I needs to get my ass homeward, otherwise he'll eat my entire house down to the studs. Aaaaand I wore a dress to work. Stupid and uncomfortable and unlikely as hell that I'm gonna go frolic in this getup in yr boggy fields just to listen to 25 minutes of the Toast. Alas.

So, instead: if I show up at this Panda Party, solo, what do I have to do for a milkshake? Hells bells, it's all the 'Nets is talking about today: milkshake this, milkshake that, hers is better than ours, brings people to yards, etc. (Congrats Sommer!)

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Sommer said...

It occurred to me this morning that the only thing at this point to be done is actually throw some sort of milkshake party. Is there someplace in the metro area that's famouse for its shakes?