Thursday, July 06, 2006

in my car to where you are/ i can't make it, won't make it

Got nada. Last night I was half-awake for hours, lucid dreaming about metal crunching metal. I can't, seriously cannot, take another car thing. I hate cars.

The good thing is that I was instantly cheered up by my dog, who appeared at my bedroom door this morning in a teeshirt. Is there nothing cuter than large, smelly hound dogs dressed like 10 year old boys?

Additionally, I've got a great story that floated around the 4th of July gathering we attended. I feel like I should get permission to post it or whatever. But seeing as it's third or fourth-hand at this point, total telephone-style, starting in the backyard at the grill and ending up being re-told and re-told, til it reached the v. humid kitchen. Does that make it public propety now? God, it was funny.

Oh. Also, I went to my first drawing class last night. It is... basic. But that is good, and it is truly fascinating people-observing. Roll call: myself, several goth teen girls who's parents are desparately trying to make them interested in something, ANYTHING (lots of eyeliner and jelly bracelets), a handful of wealthy-looking retirees/housewives in capri pants and gold sneakers, and, surprisingly, 2 or 3 middle-aged dudes in khakis who have "no drawing experience whatsoever. I can't even remember the last time I picked up a writing utensil that wasn't a PDA stylus." (direct quote) My instructor is my age, and spent most of the class looking nervous. I know he's taught a lot before, and I like his work, so I'm interested to see where this goes after trying to explain negative space & 2-pt. perspective to former MBA candidates.

Other stuff:

- rock and roll lifestyles, captured.

- Review of Chris Anderson's Longtail from the New Yorker.

- NEWSFLASH! Ann Coulter has a tattoo of dancing teddy bears around her arm. Above the tribal. Maybe. There are so many jokes here, I don't even know where to start.

- My new rotating email signatures, courtesy Joy Darville: "Yeah, unfortunately that was my fault, 'cuz when he heard us having sex, I told him I was fighting off the wolf man...unfortunately he got brave one time and walked in trying to save me and saw there was no wolf man. Just Darnell plowing me." You did not hear it from me that she totally reminds me of some of my relatives. Hi, Crabman.

- French Toast, tonight. I have never been to a FR show that doesn't start off with pouring rain.

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