Wednesday, July 19, 2006


1. Awww, home sweet home. So here's a story about Coventry square: my bff lived off of Coventry, in Providence Village. (single momville/across the street from the Mormon church) There was a playground there, and I spent most of my high school summer nights breaking curfew in that playground, watching dudes 3 years older than I finish off cases of Beast and dealing with boyfriend drama. This was before eastern Loudoun apparently became gangland. Shot in HIS BED, yo. Worst thing that ever happened there before that was me rear-ending an old dude while trying to leave my waitressing job at the nursing home.

2. You want to see something awesome?

I'm kind of ridiculous.


catherine said...

you MUST get the VM season 1 dvd, and right quick. you will absolutely love it.

Sommer said...

Did you ever see the Gilmore Girls episode where Lorelai watches "Riding the Bust with My Sister?" But it's not the same because she and Rory are still not speaking? Oh, I think I might cry.

The Governess said...

can we please talk about "riding the bust with my sister?"

Sommer said...

Oh dear. I will never recover from that typo.