Tuesday, July 25, 2006

tresspasser 2.0

1. So remember a few months back where I was like "hey Internet, watch this!" and then I cut all my hair off? Okay, at least you remember me talking about it? Well, now I'm firmly in the "fuck - now what?" stage. Besides getting drunk and cutting bangs when I was 18 at 2:00 AM in my dorm room (on the second day of college, yes, I am rad, thanks for asking), this ranks right up there with Worst Hair Ever. I'll call it Worst Hair #3, because also when I was in fifth grade my mom cut my bangs short like emo girls in 2001 had crazy short bangs coupled with chin length bobs (dyed, red natch), but I was not emo because I was 10 and instead sporting a lot of oversized Op teeshirts and dangly earrings. Anyways, my latest styling choice is awesome, I have dubbed it "The Homecoming." *

The Homecoming is super easy, should you choose to be like me. It involves a buck's worth of bobby pins (that's a lot of pins, by the way) and total apathy.

Here are instructions:

1. Take a shower
2. Towel dry
3. Twist hair into a crazy mess, anchor haphazardly with aforementioned bobby pins.
4. Leave house, receive many stares from curious neighbors as to why you're going to Formal on a Tuesday morning, instead of, say, your job.

Approx time to execute such a head-turner: 13 seconds.

Look at that, you've just created your own Homecoming hairdo. Congrats, grasshopper. **

Hi again: Do you like Trebuchet, gradients, beveled edges, brushed-metal filters, drop shadows/reflections, etc? Yr gonna love design nerd humor re: Web 2.0, then. My favorites are "Wu Tang Clan Beta" and Pfizr. The Paris Hiltonizing of corporate logos.

* ("The Prom" is similar, but involves a buck FIFTY worth of bobby pins and also hairspray, which I don't own.)

** (Well done indeed, now you look like a 17 year old asshole, too. Way to be!)

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