Tuesday, July 18, 2006

kitchen: day 437

DC, hello summer, you and your truly crazy people. For instance: this morning, a pashmina. Really, a wrap? Necessary? I am curious about you, young lady on 18th street in black capris and what appeared to be a black tank top and Richie-glasses and flats and a BRICK-COLORED PASMINA wrapped around your torso. Were you naked underneath, girl? Are you suffering from a fever and therefore have the chills? Usually PIAB would ask you to explain yr fashion stee, but instead we'll let this pass, seeing as we are mostly just worried about you.

Related-sies/also-sies: the world isn't coming to an end or anything. It was actually quite pleasant last night. Warm, sure, but pleasant. Suck it up and sweat it out.

* * *


- WalSpace

- There was no large animal/rodent/other in my office this morning (re: below). I admit I was more cautious than usual when opening the door.

- Go, spread the gospel of Tom.

- New hobby: reading online magazines.

- the N. has a hopper of 700 things to post about. Please to be bugging him about it. I am spent.

- Summer reading opinions: Oh The Glory of it All - good choice? Slightly lighter than The Rape of Nanking, slightly smarter than Roberts, Nora?

- My cousin's getting married this winter, it's official, requiring yet another trip to the saddest southland town in existence. This time, I'm bringing my spouse. Any direction on how to adaquately prep him is appreciated, he grew up in N. Arlington. Think Talladega minus the racing economy, and add in my family. Yeah.

- Miscellani: Jesus and Mary Chain on DualDisc! Mojave 3! Greg Laswell and Sonic Youth! And MJ reports: The Robocop Kraus is very entertaining. And if you scrape the bottom of the barrel, invest in the Deluxe Edition of "Songs from the Big Chair," featuring such excellent remastering that you can hear the piano keys hitting their little hammers at the beginning of "Head Over Heels." Nonmusic related, I have drawing class tomorrow, my assignment was to draw a chair or a goat or something using negative space, so I need to get on that I guess.

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Drew said...

J&MC! Recently, I've had Honey's Dead and Psychocandy on regular rotation (after not listening to them in ages) which has been causing some serious high school flashbacks. Yer favorite old songs are yer favorite new songs.