Friday, July 14, 2006

You'll be there because I'm holding a thermal detonator

If anyone wants to join up on Monday, they’re showing The Day the Earth Stood Still on the Mall at nightbreak. As a wee one, that movie and the old version of The Blob (was that reallt Steve McQueen?) scared the hoo-ha out of me after I sneaked and watched them in my grandparent’s basement. Surprisingly, as a child, I failed to absorb the not-so-subtle anti-nuclear weapons message that the movie delivers. All I knew was that the big robot at the Washington Monument made me skerred! That was right near my house!

(My grasp of what was “near my house” was a bit skewed, though. Whenever we drove somewhere in Maryland, I thought the Mormon Temple was actually Disney World and couldn’t understand why my parents refused to take me there.)

The movie also contains three of the biggest nerdlinger words ever to be uttered on a giant sheet near the Hirschhorn Gallery d’Art: klaatu barada nikto. See for yourself. The nerds love ‘em more than Peter Jackson loves forced perspective. One of the most famous references was these cats:

A real HT would know that two of these are actually the same species!

G.Lucas, you can color me unimpressed. Naming the Hutt’s skiff guards Klaatu, Barada and Nikto is almost a sci-fi cop out. You have to rummage a little deeper among the shelves in the back of the nerd store for us to raise an eyebrow.

And the same goes for the writers of the new X-files movie. Designating the facility in the final scene of the first one Tatooine was pathetic.


The Deceiver said...

But they didn't designate it! Those field of alien-bee-corn (or whatever the FUCKLINGTON FUCK the conspiracy was all about) were being grown in Tataouine, which is an actual place in Tunisia.

tom said...

and tunisia's where's sw ep 4 was filmed, right? it's all coming together...

anyway, monday mall movie night sounds pretty good to me.

the Nabob said...

Foum Tatouine? That's crazy talk. Everyone knows you can't harvest bees with alien/human hybrid stingers there. Moisture vaporators only.

I haven't seen the X-files movie since it was in the theatres but once I started thinking about it, there was a face that stuck in my head...

The guy who is trying to defuse the bomb in the begining? Close up right before it goes off? John Locke.

Now I'm off to go to the Toshi Station to pick up some power converters.

The Governess said...

I didn't understand anything in that last comment exceot the word "movie."