Tuesday, March 14, 2006


things going down:

- sam roberts album from oh-three

- this, over and over again.

- MC Love

- via lindsayism: Stuffed Se7en.

- we've finally caved and hired a dogwalker. she leaves a journal by the front door, detailing BD's urine habits.

- have you ever been to Home Depot at 9 PM, with two people with unmedicated adult ADD? Yr so lucky. We went to get keys copied, that's all. This took several minutes more than should be required for such a simple task- three or four wandering away episodes, several times dropping keys in the dark parking lot, one throwing of a key at the other individual's face, only to have the key slide under a magazine display rack full of "cottage living" and "how to tile your home in under 8 days." Sigh.

- after the house has been decontaminated, project Short Hair will resume. I'm going to look beautiful, like Tenille or something.

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tom said...

Alright, not a bad song, but Craig Finn is totally wrong about Predator.