Thursday, March 16, 2006

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Ambulette: Matt C, BF of JH, is guitarist. Ambulette also stars Maura Davis, former Denali. Keeley Davis, bro of Maura, is a part of Engine Down. Denali/Engine Down - bands formed at the PIABs alma mater. Ambulette also toured with ED; ED also of Cornbread Compton fame. I took classes with CC, also known as Matt (i think). Painting, specifically, where we had a TA named John who looked just like Jesus and smoked a lot of pot, more than one would even think from a painting TA. Also, there was some other messy stuff in there involving a guy named Aaron, who sucked, and who now lives in Brooklyn (i think part II), but who needs to dredge terrible memories such as that.

I just like having 3-8 degrees separation or whatever, and gloating a little about it.

Also, returning from my 10:00 (!!!) vball game*, I listened to "Demure" for the first time in a long time. Who schedules games for 10:00 at night? WHY do I have another 10 pm game tonight? WHY am I going to kick so much ass at my NCAA pool, and yet I can barely summon my online trash-talking skills?

Also also/In other news, a family baby named Oliver made his debut last night. Oliver! All babies should be named Oliver, I think (part III).

* I set for a 5-1-style game last night, for those of you not skilled in the finer points, means I ran my ass ragged against a team made of old people. I have not set before, for serious, and so this is difficult for a space cadet like me to pull off successfully. Also, volleyball is weird in that old people are often good, much like softball. So I was setting and blocking against powerful old guys with gray crew cuts, sporting their volunteer fire-fighting gear, and it was fucking intense. These guys mean the business, oh yes. However, you'll be happy to know I blocked one dudes outside hit so hard in went right back into his moustache, and maybe it won't grow right for weeks.

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Drew said...

10:00? When the leagues would get crowded during the winter, the people at the Rockville Sportsplex used to schedule our soccer games for 11 o'clock and occasional 11:30 games, which were just insane. I'd usually end up being awake until 3 in the morning because I was too hyper from playing to fall asleep. I can't wait to start doing that again. No, seriously, I can't.