Monday, March 13, 2006


Movies watched over the weekend:

-chumscrubber (had so much potential, and failed)
-lolita (pretty awesome. j. irons version)
-wallace and gromit (it had rabbits, so i liked it.)
-elizabethtown (SUCKED)

TV watched over the weekend:

-the half-ton man (stupid)
-what not to wear, 75 times (stupid)
-some sort of PBS special on mayan food (kind of stupid)

I am very, very hard to please.

After an urgent care facility visit at 9 pm Thursday (sweet), I was diagnosed with some sort of asskicking strep Beta ("we're not really sure if the amoxicillan will knock this out, but fill this prescription and take it anyways") PLUS a viral throat infection of some sort. Yesterday was the first day since last Wednesday I haven't had a fever, and although my throat is still several different colors, I'm at work today because I am bored out of my skullbone. You know what's really, really fun? Lying in bed all weekend when it's 70 degrees outside, listening to KIDS PLAYING. I didn't even think we HAD kids in our neighborhood. It was like chicken pox '83 all over again. ass. ass ass ass. bright side: i have been living on popsicles, and so I'm looking pretty cute.

I know there are people out there with real problems and real illnesses that last a lot longer than some whiny-ass crybaby's throat problems, so I'll stop here.

In other news, I realized something: I might be in love with Ice T. You know the MTV "cribs" where they go to his house? That might be my favorite television episode ver, only because of the part where he goes out to the balcony and scream "I'M A RAPPER. KISS MY ASS."

i have nothing else to give you. that, in it's entirety, was my weekend.


Buncencia said...

It's not just painful throat-splodey, it's BEAUTIFUL, TOO!

The Governess said...

you are awesome. and gross, but mostly awesome. HEY LETS HANG SOON YES.