Thursday, March 30, 2006

At least they're paying for our new floors

The condo association has spoken!

At the monthly meeting I assume attended by the required board members, the crazy lady who drives her moped on the grass through the common area and the weirdo who washes his hubcaps every morning at 6:30, it was decided that we will support the LSU Tigers in this year’s Final Four. Or at least that’s what they are indicating with their choice of flowers.

Secret Condo Association Operative

I guess this is what we get for missing 24 straight condo association meetings, bringing our attendance total to zero. You’d think they’d want to support our invincible local basketball heroes, the James Monroe Patriots. Or at least explain some of the other mysteries of the neighborhood, like why we need earthquake insurance. Or why we are probably the only street in the entire world with square manhole covers.

Seriously, square?

Update: I’ve now been told that yellow and purple pansies were planted because they are the most common and cheapest. Lame. They could have splurged and gotten this UCLA hybrid. And I guess it doesn’t make much evolutionary since to have green blooming pansies, so Mason pansies are out. And Florida blue and orange flowers are too similar to another University and nobody wants that.

It would seem that today’s modern robotic horticulturist could mutate flowers to support any school’s color scheme. Planting Carolina Blue and White seeds all over Durham would make a good prank. And revenge would be easy as Duke already has a pansy called Bob Swenes.

Seriously, that dude sucks.

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tom said...

square manhole covers? square? you're totally going to blow the minds of hiring committee members who think they have really original interview questions.