Wednesday, March 29, 2006

reason #86929348238498 2006 is, thus far, better

so, last year around this time, I was working as a government contractor, bored out of my skull, and feeling generally - well - meanspirited towards the world at large. This was the result. Short-lived, incredibly stupid, and got me through a less-than-full-year of "employment" we'd all rather forget.

I was going somewhere with this. My boss just went out and, mostly because it was a nice day outside, bought me a new Nikon. Hello, job. Hello, world. I'm in love again.

Additionally, my volleyball skills last night were fucking unparalleled, and an old high school classmate who may or may not have threatend to beat me up once is on MySpace wearing satin leopard print pajamas.

Like I said: world, I love you.


A Unique Alias said...



The Governess said...

no way. it is an atrocious sight. you'd want to gouge out yr eyeballs with redhot pokers covered in syphilis.

Drew said...

What kind of Nikon?

The Governess said...


Drew said...

Awesome! You'll love it.

ilb said...

Congrats on the new camera!