Wednesday, March 15, 2006

do the ostrich/namedropping for nerds

1. I was at that show when that live recording was made. Prior to playing, NP had invited the D and I to a party on Euclid & 13th, the invitation written on the back of a Bookslut postcard or something like that. It still lives to this very day, crammed in a Case Logic under my drivers seat, sandwiched between Belly and Lloyd Cole and the Commotions.

Also, that was the show where Ben Brown, who I recognized from reading Uber, tried to get a local friend of his, a chubby guy from Maryland Institute of Art, to flirt with me. I remmeber pointing out that I was engaged* at that point, if not already married (I can't remember), and that dude was a total failure at flirting anyways.

Yay, Austin.

2. Other, from fittedsweats blog:

The Hook: During your time at UVA, you used to play around these parts under the name Ectoslavia. Who were your favorite local musicians back then?

David Berman: Even back in the '80s Charlottesville was the carrier of a jazz-rock pathogen that killed entire rock scenes in the cradle and prevented post-adolescent expression of any kind in local venues. Noodling prevailed on every stage. Strangely enough, it was all forced on the town by selfish fusion guys and King Crimson fans who had been too hippy for the urban markets. With no invitation that I could see from the young people who needed rock at the time, [those fusion guys] turned C'ville into an expert's paradise, where decade-long explorations into fretting technique, into false frontiers, yielded zero-- nothing important to add to what we already knew about the Barney Miller theme, yet rendered the whole area, nay era, unfit for rock and roll or sexual pleasure.

(* speaking of which, today is the Ides, a very appropriate day to ask someone to marry you. Several years ago today, after being pulled over for speeding, some guy asked me to marry him. I still can't really figure out what was in it for him, but thanks dude. I liked being asked.)


the Nabob said...

That ring got me out of the ticket. Stoopid park police.

rcr said...

Does anyone else find Berman's answer kind of.... poetic?